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O daisho meguri

Sacred tour 

In Hokubo we have 88 spots across the rural landscapes. Locals do the journey twice a year, in April and September. This route was used to teach the kids how to pray, so the elders of the family put some candies or chips to attract the kids.

It has a distance of approximately of 25 kilometers around mountains where you can find amazing places to be with yourself, rivers, lakes and even in the middle of downtown Hokubo.

In general this is a great way of exploring the details of Hokubo and having a real authentic adventure, because you can do it your own way. How profund the experience is depends deeply on yourself and this pilgrimage is a great reminder of this knowledge.

Usually this is a 3 - 4  days pilgrimage, but this depends a lot in the intention of your journey. The starting point changes every year. Traditionally the pilgrimage was done walking, but nowadays people do it by bike or even by car. There are a few hills in the route, but in general is not a difficult course perfect for people of all ages. 

On the way you will probably find much more that just a good exercise, like animals, or even new friends. Some of the spots are not easy to find, but helpful locals are always willing to give you some directions.   

This tradition its being lost by the young generations in addition to the reduction of population in the countryside that is very visible in Hokubo. This is a great chance for you to connect with ancient traditions.