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Terasu share house is located in Hokubo, a small town with traditional Japanese homes, shrines & temples.  

Local roads & cycling routes pass by farms, rice paddies, archeological sites & dense forests. 


Come to Hokubo for hiking trails, caves, lakes, rivers, waterfalls & wildlife.  This is a rural destination with friendly people who are enthusiastic to share their culture in a welcoming & authentic way.


With the share car you can visit attractions such as the Yubara Onsens, Hiruzen Highlands Area, Kanba Falls, Bitchu Takahashi, the highest altitude castle in Japan, and much more! 

There are many local artist, actors, musicians who you can meet and create something together if art is your passion.

Tottori on the Japan Sea boasts a famous surfing spot & is only 1.5 hours drive from Hokubo.

How to get here from Osaka