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Check out the amazing waterfalls in Maniwa!

Kanba Waterfall

Around 30 Km from the share house you can arrive to one of the top 100 waterfalls of Japan, well known for having dozens of macaques living around the forest that they will join your trip if you are lucky.

There is a free the parking slot and from there you'll have to take a short hike around a cool forest to get to the lower part of the waterfall through a paved path. Entrance fee 300 yen and it closes at 5pm.  There is a restaurant in the entrance.  


Once you are in the entrance there is no way of getting lost, just keep going. For the more adventurous there is a hike to the "Demon cave", which is a bit steep and it will take around an hour to get there, so make sure you have enough time before getting into this intense cave.

There is not a proper plunge pool, so you don't need to worry about taking a bathing suit, but you can still put your feet in the water and relax.   

Usually this is not a full day tour, unless you want to stay meditating in the waterfall, so we recommend you to explore the surroundings according to your interests. On your way, you'll have to pass close to Katsuyama, which is a very historical town famous for it's main street full of traditional shop curtains (noren)   



This is a great spot to go by bicycle distance from the share house. We recommend you to check out  the bicycle route of the Cosmos course to get here, because you'll find this hidden treasure across a residential area, but as you get close to the place there are signals.


Just before you arrive to your destination you'll see a shrine on top of a hill, which has a big Buda statue inside. There is no entrance fee to this place.

This is a great place to connect with yourself, since the sound of water will guide you to hear nothing but your thoughts. If you follow the walking trail that leads you to the front of the waterfall you'll get to a shrine that is part of the 88 sacred sites pilgrimage of Hokubo.


The possibility to expand your adventure is able, since there is a hike after the waterfall were you can continue getting into the forest.