Hot Springs

Looking to have some time of relaxation and healing? Then you are looking in the right place. Maniwa has a lot of diverse hot springs to offer and every of this places has different benefits for your health depending on the specific minerals of each spot. Some will make your skin softer, others will be more helpful to strengthen your bones and so on.

History says this place were visited by the samurai to get healed after batteling.  

The traditional experience is going to the public space were you will only meet people from your gender, but you can reserve a private room if you want more privacy.

Some of them are mixed for man and women, so we recommend you to tell us your preference so we can guide you to the best option for you. There are some were you can go free, but is open air such as himawarikan onsen, which is nice to visit if the weather is sunny. You have to go completely naked. If this is your first time is a good idea to go with a local that explain to you how it works.

Usually 2 hours should be more than enough time to have a joyfull experience, but for some people 30 minutes would be all ready too much. Prices in average for the public experience is 600 yen. You can take your own towel and your personal care products, but for some extra money you will get this from the onsen. If you want to leave your stuff safer most of them have coin locker, but Maniwa is one of the areas with less crime in Japan that is all ready a very safe country by itself.


Going to the hot springs is a very popular activity to do after work for japanese people, so if you go after working hours probably you will find more people, so if you are looking too is have some time with yourself in the hot springs we recommend that you go around lunch time.

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