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Be More Than A Tourist, Be Our Neighbour


Surrounded by magnificent nature, a perfect place to relax. We provide housing in single rooms and dormitories with common space and a fully equipped kitchen. 


Being the only share-house catered for foreign travellers in the town, we also help to find a local job if travellers are eligible to work in Japan and volunteer activities in the local community.

Traditional House

Stay in a traditional Japanese-style house with lots of sliding doors and tatami rooms. 

Do Not Miss It

Check out our special deals for both short-term and long-term visitors. 

Our Journey

Our success was possible through the support from the community and travellers. 

Endless Experiences

Away from the city-crowd, we cater to those who embrace silence. Relax and explore the nature.

Share Your Passion

We believe every individual have something unique to offer. 

The Joy Of Discovery

History, nature, art or shopping? We have them all. 

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