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Be More Than A Tourist, Be Our Neighbour


Surrounded by magnificent nature, a perfect place to relax. We provide housing in single rooms and dormitories with common space and a fully equipped kitchen. 


Being the only share-house catered for foreign travellers in the town, we also help to find a local job if travellers are eligible to work in Japan and volunteer activities in the local community.


Traditional House

Stay in a traditional Japanese-style house with lots of sliding doors and tatami rooms. 

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Do Not Miss It

Check out our special deals for both short-term and long-term visitors. 

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Our Journey

Our success was possible through the support from the community and travellers. 

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Endless Experiences

Away from the city-crowd, we cater to those who embrace silence. Relax and explore the nature.


Share Your Passion

We believe every individual have something unique to offer. 

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The Joy Of Discovery

History, nature, art or shopping? We have them all. 

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